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Soukchic helps you sell your products to women online.

Here’s how!

Soukchic helps you sell your products to women online.

Here’s how!

Why Sell On Soukchic?

We launch your business online and get it e-commerce ready in minutes while helping you reach your female target audience 10x faster at the lowest stress and expense.

Tisland Cosmetics

“My newly launched business has had many issues with customer deliveries as sometimes they were either expensive or unavailable. With Soukchic, that worry has not only left my hands, but my customers now get their orders a lot faster.”


“I used to meet my customers only via my Instagram DMs, but on days when the orders were plenty, I missed a lot of sales because I could not respond to all messages at once, but with my Soukchic E-store, not one sale has passed me by ever since.”

Fox Lingerie

“As a small business owner, I knew that I had to get my products online to reach more customers, and Soukchic made this process a lot easier and affordable.”


“We took a big interest in featuring our products on Soukchic because of how it empowers women by selling only women’s products”


“I sell jewelry and reaching the women in the UAE hasn’t been an easy process, especially because of the huge competition, but since I took my products to the Soukchic marketplace, my sales are now 3 times what it used to be”

Vaadi Organics

“Selling on the Soukchic was a huge opportunity for me as this women empowerment platform helped take my small business to the mainstream.”


“The Soukchic marketplace breaks the status quo, and I chose the platform to grow and help women like myself make an impact."

Pearly Skin

“I chose to sell my products on Soukchic because my goal is to expand my business, and this platform gives women what they need to make any dream a reality.”


“It’s a fantastic platform to sell and promote women's products, especially for small business owners who do not have access to resources to promote their products and reach women in their region.”


“I love Soukchic because of how it can empower ALL women with their needs from girlfriends to sisters, mothers, and even grandmothers.”

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