Seller FAQ

Get the knowledge you need to start a seller account on Soukchic.

What is Soukchic?

Soukchic is an online marketplace that is designed for women by women. Its goal is to empower women by making it easy to get their hands on their needs, including products and their business needs.

What does it mean to sell on Soukchic?

To sell on Soukchic means that you offer products that target women only. By doing this, you will be awarded Soukchic’s string of selling benefits that make it easier for you to increase sales. These include a free E-shop, marketing, and our pick, pack, and ship program that ensures our sellers get their products packaged and delivered without a hassle!

What can I sell on Soukchic?

Only products used by women can be sold on Soukchic. Examples are Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Skincare, Makeup, Hair Products, Accessories, and Fragrances.

What can I not sell on Soukchic?

Men’s products, Second Hand, and Damaged Items. Learn more about restrictions here.

Who can buy from Soukchic?

Anyone within the UAE is able to shop from our wide range of women focused products.

1) How can I open an e-store?

It’s easy! First, you must have a valid trading license and Product Catalog. Then you would need to fill out the seller’s registration form, where you will be asked to upload the requested documents.
Create a Soukchic Seller account here.
Once you have completed your registration and received selling approval from the Soukchic merchant acquisition team, your store will be live within 48 hours

2) What documents do I need to create an account?

Trade license

Local bank account

Product catalog

Credit card that can be charged

3) Do I need an E-commerce license to be featured on your website?

In Soukchic you can sell under your own E-commerce license. If you don’t acquire the license then please contact us.

4) Do I need a TRN to register?

Yes, a tax registration number is a must.

5) Can I have two different accounts?

It is possible to create sub accounts for different stores.

6) Do you have a reward system for customers?

Yes, we do have a reward system called Soukchic points.

7) Can I access my dashboard through my mobile device?

Yes. Sellers can access their dashboard through Soukchic mobile application.

8) How can I recover my account if I forgot the password?

In case of a lost password, you can click on the forgot password link on the login page. If you have a problem with recovering a password, please contact us.

9) Will I be able to change my store name on Soukchic?

In order to change your e-store name, please contact us.

10) Are there any registration fees?

We have selling plans that fit all business sizes. Find out about Pricing here.

11) Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, sellers have the choice to deactivate their accounts whenever they want.

1) Will the commission be charged per item or per order?

Our commission rate is charged per item sold and NOT per order.

2) How and when do I receive my money?

Our payout cycle for sellers occurs twice every month through bank transfer.

3) Do I have to pay VAT to the government?

Every transaction performed on Soukchic will include VAT.

4) What currencies does Soukchic accept?

Currently, we are only accepting AED currency for payments.

5) Where can I find my invoices?

Invoice will be sent through email

6) What type of payment methods do you accept?

At the moment Soukchic only accepts card payments. We support all types of Debit and Credit cards, online deposits and reward points withdrawal.

7) Can I offer cash on delivery service?

Unfortunately, cash on delivery is not supported by Soukchic. The website is a cashless platform, so all transactions are performed through online payments.

8) Can I update my bank details?

You can insert you bank details once only. If you wish to change your bank details, please contact us

1) How do I list my products on Soukchic?

Remove it or please fix it somehow

2) What type of product pictures are needed from me?

File Type: jpeg or png, maximum width & height (400px by 500px)

3) How is my inventory monitored?

You can access your inventory and stock through your dashboard, please make sure that your stock is always up to date.

4) Is there a minimum amount of stock per product?

Yes, the minimum amount is 10 pieces per product.

5) What type of products can I sell?

All types of women’s products, such as; apparel, shoes, perfumes, makeup and skincare.

6) Will your marketing team help me with advertising my products?

Yes, we have a dedicated team to support your advertising requirements.

7) How are the products categorized?

The categories are divided based on the type of product, so each product type will have its own category.

8) How do I avail discounts and promotions?

To place discounts and promotions, please contact us

9) Will my stock be calculated automatically or do I have to manually edit it?

The changes in stock are calculated automatically.

10) How many products do I need to list to start selling?

Minimum of 10 different items in total.

11) Do I have to pay to list a product on Soukchic?

Sellers are only required to pay a one time fee to start selling on Soukchic, to know more please contact us

12) Do you have a warehouse to stock my products?

Yes, we do. To learn more please contact us.

1) How will I know if I got a sale?

You will receive a notification on your dashboard. Along with an SMS and an email.

2) How can I boost my sales?

You can boost your sales by promoting your products on our main page, to know more about paid promotions please contact us

3) How do you plan to increase traffic on my online store?

Soukchic offers marketing partnerships with sellers in order for them to increase traffic on their online store

4) Can my customers track their orders on your website?

Soukchic provides the customers the ability to track their shipments on the Website and App.

5) Will I be provided with a performance review?

Yes, all E-stores are going to be provided with professional reviews on how their stores are performing.

6) How often will my store’s performance be evaluated?

Performance reviews on Soukchic occur on a monthly basis.

7) Will I be able to track my shipments on your website?

Once provided with the package’s designated tracking number, you will be able to verify the status of your order on our official website and App.

8) Do you provide an online traffic report?

Yes, an online traffic report will be provided for all our featured businesses.

9) Where can I find my invoices?

Sellers can access their data through their personal dashboard.

1) Where are your packages shipped from?

From Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2) Do you ship internationally?

At the moment Soukchic operates only in the UAE.

3) How long does it take to deliver my products?

We aim to deliver your packages within 2-3 business days.

4) How do I transfer my stock to your warehouse?

Our team will pick up your products.

5) When will my order be dispatched?

As soon as the product is packed.

6) What’s the procedure if the customer is unavailable upon delivery?

At Soukchic customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our delivery team will coordinate with the customers upon time of delivery.

7) Is there a limit on the number of packages I can ship?

There’s no set limit for the number of packages that can be shipped.

8) Do I have to be present at the time of delivery?

Yes, the presence of the seller is necessary.

9) Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charge is to be paid by the customers.

1) What is the return policy and procedure?

Return within 7 days of delivery if the customer isn’t happy with their products. The amount paid will be refunded to the card used for purchasing the products. Please refer to our returns policy for more information

2) What’s the refund process?

The amount paid will be refunded to the card used for purchasing the products within 14 working days.

3) Can a customer cancel an order after placing it?

Changes to your shipped order can be made within 24 hours of placement confirmation.

4) Who pays for the shipping to return a product?

Soukchic is responsible for the delivery of returned products.

5) What type of products can’t be returned?

The products that can’t be returned are: Lingerie, make-up, skincare & health products. For more details please refer our returns policy

1) Are there any promotional options I can choose from?

Yes, we offer different ways to promote your store on Soukchic, please contact us for more information.

2) What social media platforms are you using to promote my e-store?

All social media platforms (Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube, Google ads, Instagram, Facebook)

3) Can I advertise my products on the homepage of the website if I pay extra?

Yes, we do offer paid promotions.

4) How will I benefit from continuous advertising?

Continuous advertising will highly benefit your store by creating more reach & engagement and always being known by customers as they will always see your store and products.